Africa: 20 Things

Today marks one month in Africa! Wow, one down, eleven more to go. Or so God will tell.

My friends and family have asked what I think of this place so far. That’s a really good question, but a hard one to answer. I often give people the expected reply, “oh, this is good, this is hard” and that type of thing, but as I’ve only been here a short time, I still have so much more to process and experience before I’m able to express what it’s really like here.


About a year ago, after a few weeks of living in Japan, I shared with you 20 things that I either loved or ok, well, that I was getting used to. That’s how I’ll tell you about Africa today. So here it goes.

Things I love.

  1. Africa
  2. Working for an NGO that’s getting it done
  3. The people I live and work with
  4. Ruth, our house helper
  5. Devotions and prayer with my students every morning
  6. Walking (or running) barefoot on the beach
  7. Going 2-3 days without showering
  8. Our security guards (they kill snakes, help us carry heavy stuff, and keep us safe)
  9. Cooking and baking for people in our house
  10. Watching the waves as I walk to work
  11. Spending countless hours reading or writing
  12. Praising God, Liberian style
  13. Getting to have a tan year round
  14. Ethiopian buffets
  15. Ebony faces, ivory smiles
  16. Speaking the same language, sort of
  17. Watching ‘Bones’ with my roommates
  18. Living in a country run by a woman
  19. Seeing Jesus around, everyday
  20. Growing in God, compassion, and love (it’s the only way to be in a place like this)

Things I hate, am getting used to.

  1. Spiders
  2. Cockroaches
  3. Mosquitos
  4. Mosquito bites (at this rate, it’ll be a miracle if I never get malaria)
  5. Ants
  6. Really, really big snakes
  7. Rainy season
  8. Expensive, imported foods (I mean we’re talking $9USD for my fave cereal)
  9. Traffic, and the crazies on motorbike
  10. Body odor (not mine)
  11. Forgetting my umbrella
  12. Missing you
  13. Unreliable plumbing, electricity, and wifi (do I sound spoiled yet?)
  14. Loneliness (still, hmm, what’s the deal…)
  15. Turning people away who want your help (but they don’t always need it; there’s a difference)
  16. No Coffee Company, no Starbucks
  17. Liberian food (my digestive system can’t handle it)
  18. Everything’s made in China, and it’s crap
  19. Abject poverty, everywhere I look
  20. Looking into the face of the poor everyday, knowing I am rich

That’s it. That’s what it’s like. Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading and following the journey.


4 thoughts on “Africa: 20 Things

  1. HI Steffani,
    Thanks, so much for sending me your updates. I enjoy them soo much and helps me better to pray for your needs.
    I am so proud of you.. And your Gramma Lisa would have
    been too!! You meant the world to her. I still miss her very

    Keep up the writings.they are awesome & so are you..

    Aunt Brenda

    1. Thanks Aunt Brenda, it helps so much to hear that. Wish I could talk with Grandma and share all that has/is happening with life. Miss her still, and I know you do too. She was such an incredible woman. Thanks for the continued prayers and support from far away. Thinking about you! Love you!!

  2. Hi Steffani, You are doing a great job helping us journey with you as you serve and grow. Keep up the good work as your life choices might well spill over into many other lives…even back here in Tennessee! Praying for you, Larry

    1. Hi Larry, Thanks for that! I hope all is well back home, miss the GFC family, but it’s been great following through the website and newsletter how our folks are mobilizing in short and long term mission trips. God is doing some amazing things globally, my desire is to continue to be a part of it, wherever I’m at. Thanks for your continued prayers, means a whole lot 🙂

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